Prepare to the Biggest Moment on July !! Chaotic has come to Olympus, Zeus ‘Ruler of the Sky’ andPoseidon ‘Ruler of the Ocean’ , which side do you stand for?

All Time Travel Heroes from [1]Zeus and [2]Poseidon will be connected to each other at  Prepare for theEndless Great Battle !! ClashThis merge will held on 8 Juli 2015 at 16.00 GMT +8.There will be a Maintenance for Merging Server, so you can’t log in to the game (Only for servers that merged) and Please Logout at least 15 Minutes before Maintenance to avoid things that are not desirable.

To be a part in this excitement, you must meets the requirements and following the rules. What is your choice now? make alliance or opponent? You can see the complete information for the Merge Server below :

Sword_game_icon_by_inkedicon-d5bpr6l MERGE SERVER INFORMATION Sword_game_icon_by_inkedicon-d5bpr6l

shield and swords After Merged Server, you can login at Server did you played before. For example : After merged, Player from Server Zeus want to login into the game, you just do login as always, and pick the Server Zeus, basically those 2 Server is Become One now.

shield and swords If there is two same nickname, 1 from [1]Zeus and the other one is from [2]Poseidon, so the appearance should be like this :

*Same thing works on Guild Name in each Server

shield and swords After Merge, there will be Reset and Changing in some point, read carefully the information below:

  • Rank in Domination and CS Domination
  • Chrono Arena Rank
  • Campaign Top Warrior Rank
  • Hero Guardian Challenge Rank 
  • Beast Den Challenge Rank
  • Last Kill Titan
  • Rank in Server (Overall, Level, BR, Beast, Mount, Etc)
  • Top Up Accumulation in Event Period

NOTE : There will be no change in Gold, Remaining Instance, and Claim Event Prizes

Beside that we already prepared MERGE EVENT that you can join !!



Prepare Yourself and Invite your Friends to Play Together and Share the Joy on Light of Darkness Worlds !!

Light of Darkness – The Next Gen MMORPG 2015