Find out who of you is the best looking, most creative and hardest working!

Touch 3Claws Next Top Model
September 1st –  29th 2015

Event Overview

Player Objective
This event consists of a total of 4 sub events. On each week a new Event News will be opened, in which you can find all information necessary for the following week. Every week you take a screenshot photo and participate in a challenge.

Additionally to the pictures, there is a special challenge for you to do every week. In the Event News, you always find a photo topic/theme. Your task is to take a beautiful/weird/special screenshot fitting the topic! There are no boundaries for your creativity here. You can take the screenshot alone or with others, on room, or stages – Do whatever it takes to make your photo amazing.

*Week#1 Topic will be up on September 1st 2015*

WINNING CONDITION (How does the evaluation work?)
At the end of every week, the judges will deliberate and announce the results until Tuesday of the following week. The Top 10 will be rewarded with a weekly prize. Additionally, the Top 10 will get points:

1st Place – 10 Points
2nd Place – 9 Points
3rd Place – 8 Points
4th Place – 7 Points
5th Place – 6 Points
6th Place – 5 Points
7th Place – 4 Points
8th Place – 3 Points
9th Place – 2 Points
10th Place – 1 Point

Every Account will get points separately and the one with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

Rules and Guide

Follow the directions to make sure your entry qualifies:

  1. Take a screenshot in-game that goes along with weekly event topic/theme and your best fashion.
  2. Using Photoshop or comparable tools is FORBIDDEN 
  3. Please make sure that we can see your character IGN clear on your picture.
  4. Post photo to your facebook by mentioning Touch International with hashtag#Touch3ClawsNextTopModel, and share it as many as possible (DO NOT SHARE IN TOUCH ONLINE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP)
  5. Please include your IGN, Server, and Gender to qualify.
  7. Posting Format;IGN;
    WEEK #1 (depend on each week)

The GM team will review entries. 


  • You may only enter once per account, and you may only enter from once account.
  • The account you enter with is the accounts to which your prizes will be delivered – No Exceptions!
  • Your entry must be submitted by the deadline in order to be counted.

The character you join the competition with must be on your account.
2.) Entries added after the deadlines do not count
3.) The Judges may add or change existing rules in case we see abusive behavior that is in a grey area.
4.) The event will start on Sept 1st and will continue for 4 weeks.
5.) Important: You can join the competition at any time. You can join at week 4 or not participate for 2 weeks that is all fine. You may just decrease your chances for the grand prize, but there are plenty of other attractive prizes, making participation worthwhile at any time. 


Grand Prize
10000 CR + any released Permanent item of your choice

5000 CR + any released 30D item of your choice

Third Place
3000 CR + any released 15D item of your choice

Fourth to Tenth Place
1500 CR + any released accessories 7D of your choice


First Prize
5000 BRC + Wealth pack

Second Prize
3000 BRC + Wealth pack

Third prize
2000 BRC + Wealth pack

Fourth to Tenth Prize
1000 BRC + Wealth pack

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